Younglink Foundation



To reach the unreached with the Gospel and to educate the  youngsters on all form of social vices through recreational and other social activities, also to help the deprived acquire skills after giving them basic education.


☺ To educate the youngsters on all form of social vices through musical concerts, conferences, film shows, workshops, seminars, drama, camp meetings.

☺ To inculcate in members the fear of God and develop them spiritually through fervent praying and studying of the Scriptures.

☺ To help the needy and the deprived acquire skills in order not to become burden to society.

☺ To promote good relationship love and unity among the youngsters through recreational and other social activities.



☺  Special Education is given to them on social vices quarterly by-organizing programmes  such as musical Concerts, Conferences, Film Shows, Workshops, Seminars, etc.

☺  The youngsters meet once a week and during this time they learn songs, memory verses and Bible lessons.

☺  Special school is organized for the deprived and the under privileged

☺  Funfairs, Excursion, Musical Festivals are organized in order to promote good relationship, love and unity among them.

☺  Prayer meetings and Bible studies are organized to develop them spiritually